Saturday Samples: Points of Pinterest

Many of you know of – and are using – the design site, Pinterest. I have had an “inspiration board” since high school. Memorabilia and ephermera were my gateway into scrapbooking. Since I am a visual person, I love seeing the things that inspire me – out in the open, not tucked into a drawer.

Pinterest is a method of “pinning up” inspiring pictures on a virtual bulletin board. You can follow others pinterest boards, etc.

It is a HIGHLY addictive site. Hours pass and I am still dreamily clicking on image after image. I know I heard an ‘Amen’ from you other Pinterest addicts.

Here are 15 of the images I loved this week…
(all sources can be found on my Pinterest account)

I really don’t know where else I would rather be than spending a COOL summer’s afternoon right here in this spot…

Such a classic look.

“Flowy”. Not sure it’s a real word, but I fully embrace it!

This color continues to draw me in…

Love the organic look of this room, mixed with the crystal flair…

Black and white wide stripes, mixed with the melon color…mmm.

I have white all around me in our new house. I’m sure that’s why this picture drew me in…

Birth announcements with a fabulous typography flair. LOVE these!


I have a friend who is going through a sad break-up. I suppose I had her in mind when I read this quote. Truth is so difficult sometimes; but it is ultimately the most healing thing for us.

If you’ve every worked in the food industry or in customer service, you will fully appreciate the following message…

On my To Make list…

Lily of the valley mini fondant cake. Beautiful.

Again, I had my friend in mind when I saw this. It is a concept we all need to visit and re-visit often. It is too easy to allow someone else or some job or some hobby define us. When we realize our own value in a stand-alone manner, it equips us for immeasurable success in all areas of life. Oh…but such a difficult (and continual) learning process.


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