what type are you?


I love typography. I am drawn to print ads and works of art that include good type.

I have been “sitting on” this pile of chipboard numbers I purchased a few years back. I would suspect they are from 7 Gypsies, but I can’t be sure. All I know is I rarely use them. As with other inanimate objects I hold dear, I end up collecting them and never actually creating with them (a useless habit I am trying to overcome.)

They are a thick chipboard with a glossy finish on top.

Don’t they remind you of the church attendance numbers that slide into those statistical plaques found in most old churches?

I’ve used them on a few projects like cards or scrapbook pages…

I had a blank wall in our little alcove and wondered if I could use these chipboard numbers as typographical wall art.

I should be a poster child for 3M Command Strips. We have hung up so many things in this lathe and plaster home with the poster strips and the velcro strips.

So I laid out the numbers in a particular order, then started stripping!…

And just for fun, I put our zip code (64112) in the middle. Then in Word Search fashion, I also put the month/day of our births, how old we were when we met, the year we graduated from high school, and our birth years.

A quick and easy project with stuff around the house. Fun!

What items do you have around the house that could be used for a completely different purpose? Send me pictures of your completed project!


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