Tuesday morning at the City Market

[my camera continues to sit, broken. i’m living life through a phone camera.]

“I need some fresh spinach and basil for this pizza”, I commented to Scott last night.

He quickly responded, “Let’s go to the City Market tomorrow morning and get some.”

So simple.

So easy.

The downtown Farmer’s City Market is jam-packed with vendors and customers on Saturday and Sundays. It’s a wonderful place to be to soak up the energy of the city.

But I have always relished the times I have been able to walk through the City Market during the week. It’s quiet. Just a few locals buying produce or baked goods or enjoying a cup of City Market Coffeehouse goodness.

It was weekday quiet and slow-moving this morning. Only the permanent produce shops and markets were open. A group of 50-something-year-old women sat together in a group at the back of the coffeehouse, laughing and making plans for their next meeting, which I suspect is a weekly occurance filled with lots of mischievious behavior and we-can-do-whatever-we-want-at-this-age attitude.

We bought the veggies and fruit we needed for the week, filling up my dear Trader Joe’s bag from California that Monica brought back to me a few years ago. Enjoying the few cool(ish) morning hours that are bearable in this horrid heat wave.

Walking back to the car we found a new place (to me) called Bloom Baking Co. We walked in and the Italian owner immediately had us trying different types of breads and giving us a history behind their origin and usage. We looked around the bakery a minute then Scott headed straight to the sourdough loaf tray as I was eyeing a strawberry pink cupcake.

In the adjoining room to the bakery were about 3 women and 1 guy, working around a large table, brushing cake stands with flour and putting the final touches on raspberry tarts. I could have watched all day through the large window from the walkway outside.

We sat down a moment before leaving, enjoying the slice of Life with which we had been gifted on this July morning.

Enjoying the benefits of our urban life.

Soaking up the morning air and the people of the City Market.

Before the work of the day began,

we stopped long enough to enjoy a pink cupcake and the easy conversation of a mutual friendship that is even sweeter, by far.

On the way home, Monica texted me about what I was doing.

“I needed some veggies so we ran up to the City Market to get them.”

“Cause we’re just cool like that.”


3 thoughts on “Tuesday morning at the City Market

  1. Let me know when your next communication-less day with Scott is and we’ll help you get your mind off that with some pastries! And we’d love to check out your new space. 🙂

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