Borrowed Blogs: Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins:
* younger kid in the youth group
* always drawing on things
* grew up and became…
* worldwide climber
* exceptionally talented mixed media artist
* dedicated believer
* class act dad and husband

On July 23rd Jeremy is giving his one time Kansas City premiere live performance art piece and film titled “The Wolf & the Medallion”. The presentation has live orchestration from local composer Andy Michael, and on-stage created art. This film won “Best Film of the Fest” at the Five Point Film Festival in Carbondale, Colorado.

The story “The Wolf and the Medallion” is inspired by Collins’ personal climbing adventure to the border of China and Mongolia, where rumors of a virgin canyon of granite led to a cultural and vertical experience like no other. After standing on the summit of a new climb, Jeremy wrote a letter to his son back in the States that has become the script to the film. The performance is a journey of fatherhood, brotherhood, and a life of adventure. The film concludes with 10 pieces of advice for his son, which are in turn pointed to the audience as an artists recipe for a fulfilled life. (review excerpt from Brandon Hill)

The Wolf & The Medallion trailer
Jeremy Collins

The Wolf & The Medallion Theatrical Trailer from Jeremy Collins on Vimeo.



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