I don’t want to mislead with this small post.

I like Vogue magazine.
I really do.

I am a magazine freak.
I’m learning to embrace it as the totality of my reading some weeks.
It’s just very relaxing to sit down in the late afternoon with a cup of decaf chai and an I-don’t-really-have-to-think-too-much-about-this piece of reading material.

I’m not a celebrity magazine fan.
Or a traditional BetterHomesandGardensGoodHousekeepingFamilyCircle type of magazine lover.

But I do subscribe to Vogue.
And Elle…
And Whole Living…
And Real Simple…
And Fresh Home…
And Country Living.

(I think that’s it.)

Some of those are online subscriptions, downloaded to my Nook.
But others are ones that come in the mail. That wonderful perk of seeing a magazine peeking up out of your mailbox.

Vogue, this month, is what they are coining The Age Issue.

With Sarah Jessica Parker on the front, no less.

They refer to her as a representative of ‘modern motherhood’.
Now come on.

What I wouldn’t give for just one shelf of shoes that she possesses. And that’s to say nothing of nannies.
So they kind of lost me at the she’s-just-like-you attempted point.

But it’s Vogue.
Over the top.
Fashion extreme.
I knew what I was dealing with – so I pressed on.

My cynicism was running high, however, when I ran across the following ad for this product:

Please note the intro line – “Imagine having nothing to hide” which is followed by a list of what problems you can expect to be solved:
* redness
* sun spots
* dark spots
* uneven skintone

Now…as a 46-year-old woman being faced with the ever-increasing signs of aging, I was intrigued.
I was almost sucked in.

But then the Reasoning Fairy smacked me on the backside of my head and said, “Look at the person they put on this ad!”

Okay, seriously?
Every subconscious implication is that IF I use this product, I will look like THAT?

A girl with absolutely no photoshopping, airbrushing, …nuthin’.
Absolutely nothing to hide.

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and see advertising for what it is and then make the healthiest personal choice..
Give yourself a break.

Again, I’m not one to slam superficial magazine viewing.
But I will offer a friendly reminder to enter the jungle with a mental note: This isn’t real. This isn’t me. This isn’t my goal.

Then rip out the page with those killer Manolo yellow pumps and head to your nearest Target for a reality check – and a cheap pair of to-die-for $29.99 knock-offs.

It takes boldness and stubbornness to survive it.
And it doesn’t hurt to carry around a somewhat sarcastic Reality Fairy on your shoulder too.


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