Week In The Life

So I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ Week In The Life. It’s not a competition or anything. No pressure.

Just documenting your day for one week. A way to look back at one week in your year and think, “This is me. This is my sweet little life.”

I didn’t do so well on Monday. There was so much going on and I had trouble remembering to pull my phone out and snap a picture.

But, here were some…

Usually the first thing I see when I wake up

I am a slow riser, when given the chance. I love to catch up on Facebook, email, newspaper and mostly, the new blogs on my iGoogle

Run by CVS and pick up prescription refills (a much more common part of my life than I like…but am thankful for)

Gas. Ugh… I paid $3.59 a gallon

I was taking Hannah back to Warrensburg before she had to be at work.

Oh c’mon!, give me a break. It was early. We needed caffeine.

Addictions at .59 of styrofoam.

After getting back from Warrensburg, had a few more appointments, some running around, grocery shopping…stopped at the light thinking, “Man. It’s so unfair. Right here by Jenny and I can’t even stop and say hi.” {sigh}

And then I just stopped.

So much crazy life zipping past me.

So much going and going and going this past weekend.

So the decision was made: I want to finish my book.

Everything was put on hold and I spent the evening with some friends I have come to love…


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