Week In The Life: Tuesday

I’ve been working, lately, on a grant that I’m very excited about. It has some great potential for collaborative partnership among community organizations in Kansas City – and it benefits low-income families in our area (which really makes me happy.)

Generally speaking, when I’m not chilling with Scott, I’m working. It’s just how my life is geared these past few years. I hope there comes a time when my schedule is much more open. But for now, I’m enjoying writing grants with various organizations as well as selling things on our side businesses online.

After working some in the morning, I headed to a 9:30am follow-up doctor’s appointment.

Again, I am thankful for my healthcare, but sorry that I have had to use it so often these past few years. Today I was particularly grateful for a doctor who is very careful to pay close attention to our conversations and my questions and is unrushed in her responses. That really is a gift, anymore, with medical personnel (through no fault of their own, often times.)

While I was waiting… (ugh)

…I picked up the blank piece of notebook paper I had with me to take notes on, if necessary.

I thought to myself, “I’ll just doodle some in between this first line.
Then the second one.
Then, well….I was somewhat embarrassed when my doctor walked into my room (running late) and saw my piece of paper!

By the time I got back home, Scott was home from his trip out-of-town (which is always an added plus to my day!)

I realized I had some items that have sold recently on our online store, so I packaged them up and we headed out in the BAGAJLLION degree heat to get them to the Post Office so they could get in the day’s mail.

Speaking of postal delivery, I had a special little note in the mail today…

I don’t wish anyone ill will. But I’m hoping for a close-call murder investigation. Maybe some sequestering. A fierce courtroom battle.

Possibly a book deal.
Some coverage on CNN.
You know; the stuff John Grisham made millions on.

When we got home, I worked some more on grants while Scott made dinner. Wish I’d taken a picture of it – it was as delicious as usual!

While I responded to emails and Scott worked online, we threw in one of our favorite movies as a “background”.


(love Juno.)

Scott decided he wanted to see Baird and Ryann and tried to track them down (both of them were at work, however), so he set his computer down and said, “Let’s take a break and go see Ryann.”

A bag of French Roast, a grande coffee, a tall chai tea latte, and a cake pop later…we were sitting at a table in Prairie Village taking paparazzi pictures of Anne Peterson and Katie Horner with their heads together in some business meeting! If there is some future weather collaboration between them in the future, we saw it all happen! (Personally, I thought Katie had ‘bike helmet hair’.) And p.s. those cake pops are….horrible. Seriously. WAAAAAAAY too sweet!! But hey, they’re cute.

We love having a coffee bean hook-up.
And love that Baird and Ryann both work so near our home.

Ryann is a supervisor at Starbuck’s.
Nannying a 4-year-old.
And is a research assistant at UMKC.

I guess none of us likes having just one job!

While I was at my doctor’s office today I saw a girl in the elevator that I thought I remembered from high school. I didn’t know her name, and knew I didn’t know her personally in high school – but I recognized her face. This usually means she was probably in choir.

So I pulled out our high school yearbook (it’s so boring compared to todays yearbooks!) and finally found her in the junior class – a year behind us.

And then Scott and I went through the yearbook calling out names to each other. “Remember, (insert name)….”

“Oh yeah. She was a ho in 3rd grade!”
“He was a really nice guy.”
“She talked badly about me on the playground once and I never liked her afterwards.”
“She was ADORABLE!!” (this usually came from me.)

A few times Scott would say, “I had her in a Science class. I had a crush on her.”
To which I usually replied, “I did too.”

As boring and mundane as this all is, I am very grateful for my life.

I felt that very, very deeply today.


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