My Bible’s broken

That sounds like a deep statement. A lead-in, phrase grabber into a blog post about feeling abandoned by God or spiritually parched.

But seriously.
My bible’s broken.
And it’s one of my favorite ones too.

That last statement sounds like I am being spiritually pious. Like I sit with various Bibles open as I study God’s word. Different versions – spanning various weights and thicknesses.

In reality, however, I gotta tell you. I go through Bibles like I go through purses. It’s whatever mood I’m in. And yes….occasionally….whichever Bible goes best with my chosen church outfit for the week.

The real issue at hand: what does one do with a broken Bible? I mean – I’M not throwing it away. YOU throw it away! I don’t need that kind of lightning striking karma.

The binding has dried and cracked (Let’s be honest. Probably due to time more than usage.) It’s heart-breaking, though. It’s all written in with dates and things people have said or sermons I have heard over the years. I like what the pages (literally, the pages) are made out of and I really (reallyand this is really big to me…) like the font it’s written in.

I’m still working with it. I will use it until it’s completely unusable and then decide what to do with it.

I’m really considering some kind of cool duct tape decor for it, too.

(And for the record, this isn’t my Bible. It’s a picture of one I saw in a car yesterday)

The Truth is still there.
It’s just that the form is a bit off.
It’s worn and ragged, but it has so much of who I am inside its broken binding.

Is any part of your faith journey broken?
Uncomfortable with your church?
Feeling a pull toward more depth in your everyday life but don’t really have the energy/motivation/gumption to do anything about it?
Broken friendships?
Disappointed in spiritual leadership?
Ashamed of some of your life choices?

Does your journey still contain The Truth?
Is the real you still there? Somewhere inside the broken binding of your journey?

Is your Bible broken?
…your faith?

I will tell you from deep personal experience, that duct tape does wonders.
And above all else,
Grace covers it all.

One thought on “My Bible’s broken

  1. i got the same problem…worn, binding broke, pages wrinkled and bent at that top and bottom, but its my favorite given to me by me grandfather. It has special meaning, he used it from the pulpit. Dont break it out just sits most of the time..but still the Favorite one. I just have to squeeze it alittle harder if im carrying it around so all the pages don’t fall out.

    thought about trying to send it to get re-bound…but it would take away the mystic. So it stays broken..without ducktape

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