treasure chest

Last weekend, Hannah, Scott and I organized our storage unit. I have learned to get rid of a lot of stuff over the past few years, yet it seems like I still have WAY too much.

Hannah, however, had the MOST boxes to go through. So we sat in the inside storage facility – Hannah in a soccer chair – and Scott and I moving around boxes (okay, mostly Scott. But I pointed.)

Of course the majority of the things she was “getting rid of” ended up in my “box to go home”.

One of the found treasures was my childhood jewelry box. Just as most things like that, it was the “idea” of the jewelry box that I cooed over…not the value of the jewelry box itself.

I have always been wooed by shiny objects.

It even had some of the same treasures inside…

Including my sister, Anna-Margaret’s, beloved Paddington Bear necklace.

Stick pin, anyone? I’m pretty sure this has seen many a cowl neck sweater!!

And my favorite part –

(unless you’re my daughter who has watched way too many scary movies and ruined this little sacred moment for me with images of haunted things!)

Aside from that, I was thrilled to befriend my old jewelry box again.

Many happy memories…


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