Borrowed Blog: Sleep Well

A very relaxing and enjoyable blog that has a permanent bookmark in my iGoogle Reader is Be More With Less: Life on Purpose.

Recently, there was a sleeping exercise that piqued my interest called, Sleep Well.

I have been a horrible sleeper for years. On my own, I sleep a few hours and then am wide awake for a few hours. I have learned that when this happens, I have to get up…work, (often redecorate), clean, or read, and then go back to bed.

While Jenny cries, “chamomile” – Monica yells, “herbal tea.” I simply say, “Ambien.”

So an article about sleeping well certainly caught my attention.

Click on the link to read the short article.

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One thought on “Borrowed Blog: Sleep Well

  1. Honestly…legs up the wall (yoga pose) is your best bet…
    But, ok, twist my arm, I’ll read the article….

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