Week In The Life – Saturday

very busy
very packed
very exciting
very proud
very, very long day.

We started our day in the rain.
At 5am… packing the trailer with Hannah’s stuff in our basement and then over to the storage unit to pack up her stuff there.
Then – on the road to Warrensburg!

Very thankful for the library. But mostly, for the inter-library loaning system.

Hannah had some friends there to help unpack the trailer and even though it was raining, it kept things SO much cooler. Her new loft is straight (!) up two long flights of stairs. Which got to be very tiring for everyone. But it’s such a cool place!
Quick trip to Walmart for some necessities…

This song was stuck in my head all day…

This billboard is always so…..wow.

Coolest, coolest, coolest thrift store chair find.
Oh my word. So happy!

We were so tired by the time we went out to Lone Jack to have dinner with Scott’s brother, Mark, that was in town from Maine. I was soooooo upset that I walked out of the house without my camera! Scott’s niece, Amber, was there. I adore her.
So very sad.

They did give us one of my favorite Mark and Nancy gifts…they keep us loaded up with Zum Soap. Love, love, LOVE this wonderful Kansas City company!!!

We both crawled into bed last night and CRASHED!!
Thankful for daughters and brothers and nieces that rock!

Feeling more than just a little bit blessed.


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