paint jeans

Some things become so familiar to us that the thought of them not in our lives is unfathomable.

I (heart) these paint jeans.

They’re big and baggy and I have to wear a belt with them to keep them up.
But we’re very comfortable together.
We’re a thing.

I bought the jeans about 5 years ago as just plain ol’ jeans. They weren’t faded… or torn… or stained.
They were just jeans.
Just Levi jeans.

Once they left the realm of wearing them with actual ‘real clothes’, they became paint jeans.

And that’s when I fell in love with them.

We have been through a number of things together. A few relationships. And although some of those experiences and people are now gone from my life – these paint jeans and I are still together.

The last time I wore them, though, Scott warned me they were probably on their last trip out of the house.
The holes are no longer barely visible – threads worn straight through (the way jeans USED to wear out!)

So Paint Jeans and I sat down today to have a little chat. And after much consideration and much negotiation, we decided…

…we just weren’t finished with each other yet.

With a little patching, there’s still some life left in both of us.

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