thrift store chair

Scott and I had a feeling something in our local thrift store was calling to us. So we hopped in the car and stopped by to see what was new.

I walked in and saw this chair. I’m usually not a fan of buying furniture with material on it (too many ‘what if’s’) but I loved the color of this chair. They had just put it out on the floor and it hadn’t been priced yet.

“How much do you want for this chair?”, Scott asked the lady in charge.

She looked it over and said, “$50. But I’ll let you have it for $25.”

Hmm. $25 wasn’t thrilling me. I mean, it was a great price – the chair is VERY sturdy without any broken legs or even the slightest wobble. The material is in good condition. The upolstery nails were all there.

It just wasn’t the price.
A price has to speak to me. It has to click something in my brain as the thrift store neurons do a quick Pros and Cons evaluation within seconds of hearing the cost of an item.

We walked around and found the item that was calling to Scott (but that’s a WHOLE other blog entry!)

We paid for Scott’s item and said we’d be back the next day to get it.
Then we left.

The next day when we came back to pick up Scott’s New Project, the chair was still there.

“How much do you want for this chair?”, Scott asked a different lady.

“$30. But I’ll give it to you for $15.”

THAT was the price!

I sat in it this morning… drank my chai tea and read my morning favorites. After finishing my devotional page I sat for a minute and thought, “I’m thankful for a life in which occasionally I can imagine God elbowing the nearest angel and saying, ‘Watch this. She’s gonna freak!’

I’m not going to imply that God brought this chair into my life.
But what I am willing to say is, he smiled when I saw it.
Because I believe He enjoys the little surprises in life that aren’t monumental, necessarily. But that bring beauty to our journey…


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