Borrowed Blog: um,…mine.

Last night I was looking through my fat file folder called Color Combinations – magazine/catalog pages I have ripped out over time because there was a color combination I particularly liked and wanted to remember.

In the back of the file, however…misfiled…was a hard copy of a blog from August 2005. I have read the blog of Cathy Zielske since I began writing my own blog (under a different name). I was ecstatic when Cathy quoted me on her blog one day… It was a BIG thrill in my little world – believe me. I suppose if it were 2011 instead of 2005 – I would ‘retweet’ this.

I thought I would share her 2005 blog entry with you today. I am still learning the words and even now – 6 years later – still attempting to embrace the truth of it all. I love that the majority of the Church Calendar is spent, in Ordinary Days…


women saying really cool things

One of the things that is so interesting about blogs, is seeing what other women – ordinary women that you may never meet in real life – have to say.

And really, its extraordinary.

Take for example this, written by Greta, a woman who I don’t know, but emailed me, and I read some of her entries, and I thought this was so cool…

“Primarily, we live in ordinary days.

Ordinary days should not be confused with boring, not at all. Ordinary is defined as “an ordered existence.”

…an ordered existence prepares us for extraordinary circumstances…an ordered existence prepares us for the lowest of lows and the highest of highs…an ordered existence prepares us to minister to others as well as to receive the ministry that others offer.

An order of life is compiled of daily disciplines, brushing our teeth, cleaning the toilets, cooking dinners, reading, praying, developing an active relationship with others and with Christ. Learning to appreciate the divine, giving back to our communities – to our society.

…an ordered existence makes us content and comfortable with simplicity.”

I loved reading this…the poetry of it all. The reassurance that ordinary is a word that somehow isn’t always seen for what it truly is.

You know?

That in reality, it is extraordinary to simply be.

Thanks, Greta, for letting me share that.


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