Scott’s Project

A week ago, Scott and I went to Second Chance Thrift Store (our favorite local thrift store) and found some really fun things. I blogged earlier about my chair find. But Scott discovered a little jewel as well…

a General Electric stereo console.

We had really hoped to save the record player and stereo inside. And he did get the record player to work, but the speakers and some of the components were just too messed up to pour much into it. Since buying it, Scott has found lots of possible replacements online so we decided it was better to go the replacement route.

“How much do you want for this?”, Scott asked the guy working in the furniture section.
“I think we had $25 on it. But it’s been here awhile. We’ll sell it to you for $12.50.”

On Scott’s days off this week he has filled in the wood scratches, sanded, primed, researched and painted this new “baby” in our house…

We went to the store and matched paints until we found the color we wanted then also bought some material to go over the old speaker covers.

Following is the semi-final project. Components to come…

We can’t wait to get the new speakers and stereo.
Very Bewitched meets Brady Bunch, don’t you think?

Didn’t he do a fabulous job?!!


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