TT: bohemian love

Buying handmade or local is a choice. There is so much that is available online that you don’t really have to be driven by large, impersonal store chains. Believe me, I find it necessary to make the occasional WalMart run or hobby store purchase. But when necessary, I try to remind myself to check online (or at some of my locally owned stores) first when making a gift buying or hobby related purchase.

Etsy is certainly one of those places that holds more than you could ever imagine. Here are a few things I have viewed recently (and as always, I welcome your visit to for our latest items for sale.)

Whimsy Dots – vintage pillowcases

Kande – such a sweet wren necklace

Roses and Lemons – pink bobby pins

South India Bazaar – hippy skirt

at the bright spot – Fall tabletopper (there’s been so much heat outside – my mind is wandering to Fall lovelies!)



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