I know that this is a controversial subject for many of you…

I suppose one of the risks of taking a stand on an issue is, well…taking a stand on an issue.

I know that many of you disagree with me – or at least strongly object. I know that I might also lose some followers and/or (God forbid) supportive friendships.

But I deeply appreciate that my church, Revolution, is daring to delve into a subject that is many times rebuked, but more often than not – ignored.

Having freshly read the book, The Help, in which while reading it, many times had to flip back to the first few pages that stated that the storyline did indeed take place in the early 60’s (NOT during the Civil War…cause it very well could have been written in times of slavery…), and found myself completely stupified (in my white little way) at how strongly the black race was equated with adjectives like ‘dirty’ or ‘dumb’ or very much ‘lesser than’. They weren’t judged as individuals, but as a race. Perhaps it is my recent acquaintance with white vs black in society that makes me think about christian vs gay in our society today. How have our views changed about the color of a person’s skin – and how much will change in the future about our views toward a person’s sexual orientation?

Below is a copy and paste text from Revolution’s weekly email regarding the upcoming sermon on Sunday. I am anxious to engage in the Conversation…

Hello Revolution,

Christianity has an image problem. The Church is not speaking the language of our 21st Century culture. 91% of young Americans believe Christians are anti-homosexual, 89% think we are judgmental, and 87% call Christians “hypocritical.” How can we begin changing these perceptions?

Last Sunday, we began our “Spiritual, But Not Religious” series by talking about how the church has gone off-message. A few vocal Christians have made following Christ seem like a politically charged, religiously rigid charade. So, how can we shift the discourse in the 21st century? How can we speak the language of our culture and represent Christ more fully?

I hope you will join Revolution for the remaining three conversations in August. This Sunday, we’ll discuss the issue of human sexuality. Is there a better way for Christians to think about sex? There must be. I’ll see you Sunday at 5pm.

While reading that if you found yourself thinking thoughts like “does relevant mean a watered-down version of the gospel” or the ever-favorite “…so open-minded their brains fell out…”, I would challenge you to the idea that maybe “speaking to society” is exactly what Christ did…it is an old-fashioned way of thinking – not a “new fangled” way of thinking.

And I certainly invite you to come hear the sermon yourself and try to find where it deviates from biblical text.
Safe bet. I already know that it won’t.

Doing/Thinking things the way they’ve always been done doesn’t mean they’re right.
Sometimes it just means doing/thinking things the way they’ve always been done.

Could there be a different angle you could consider?……

2 thoughts on “I know that this is a controversial subject for many of you…

  1. since I can not join in the service and hear the upcoming sermons, I would love to be able to get a copy of them. Its funny we were just having a conversation at our table last night about how “open” and accepting we think we are until we are confronted with something we are not quite ready for. Any way always love to hear another point of view.

  2. I am probably one of those people you thought might disagree with you – but I actually don’t, at least not fully. This is one area that I really struggle with landing on what I do believe. “The Bible seems to say this but what about this?” I have a cousin who is is trangendered (I grew up knowing her as a “she” and now she is a “he” and married), another cousin who is gay and several friends who are gay. And what about those friends who are not gay but live together and have no intentions of ever getting married? Or the family members who live together before marriage (like my brother and sister-in-law)? Or the family members who get pregnant before they are married (this has happened to two of Paul’s siblings)? Coming from an ultra-conservative family, these issues have rocked our world. And frankly, while it can be uncomfortable, I am glad they have happened. It has forced us out of our small little box and made us really think about why we believe what we believe. And while I am hesitant to make a firm stance on this subject right now, it has certainly made me think.

    Thanks for posting about this. Keep it up. You make me think. 🙂

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