quickly…and thank you!

1) Monday’s blog entry coming later this evening

2) check out this company who recently used our bamboo curtain idea. That’s just cool.

3) a chance for you to shop for a good cause this week – be watching for it!

4) I love the private messages I receive from you guys. I really appreciate the feedback and your thoughts. I know that many of you are uncomfortable leaving a comment on the blog. But because blogs are “powered by” statistics (the ugly part of blogging), I would SO love it if when you find an entry that you particularly like (pictures, encourages or challenges you, etc) that you would Share it on your Facebook or Twitter page. It’s very simple! At the end of each entry is a button for Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. By selecting (as an example) Facebook, you can post that blog entry onto your Facebook wall – and you don’t even have to comment on it. Just ‘Share’. This introduces My Life As G to your online list and opens up a bigger reach than what I have on my own. It multiplies my exposure…which is a good thing.

Thanks, guys!!
Be back with you soon….


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