I’ve mentioned it before, but I have been mulling over the silliest “project” in my mind…

I want to create a terrarium. The obsession started with this picture from a magazine

I like the way it looks like the core of the earth and builds in layers upwards.
Thing is, if you look closely, you’ll see sheep ‘grazing’ on the side of the hill.

THAT’S what I want! A terrarium that changes and grows with different understated scenarios of humor. Like, a shepherd with a herd of cats or a crouching lion under a fern tree, etc. Each time you see it, it’s a different little world scene. When I get bored with one, I can switch it out for another.

What I didn’t expect is that it would be so difficult to find miniatures (teeny, tiny miniatures.) I combed an antique mall this weekend in St. Joe, Missouri and only found this little guy. Oh, but I love him. An English garden, perhaps?!



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