a little bit of g tweaking…

Okay, so here are some of the things I really enjoy doing:

1) writing/blogging
2) photography – capturing our lives and documenting them on my blog
3) thrift store shopping – repurposing things with a whole new ‘life’
4) creating stuff
5) reading design blogs and magazines that feature many of the previously mentioned 4 items in my list – and then sharing those things with you

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Of course there are other areas like spending time with family and friends and loving on Scott that I also enjoy. But the above 5 items are things in which I can become lost and not pay any attention to time (hours!) going by.

Until this point, those 5 things have been packaged together on my blog: My Life As G. But it has become a bit cumbersome. So I’m separating a few of the categories out into more manageable (and hopefully more readable) sections.

writing/blogging | There is a section of My Life As G that is called Thinking Out Loud. These are blog entries that come from my heart and mind – things that I have been thinking through lately. I am moving all of those to one blog called Faith Enough. I hope to make this a daily place for short thoughts about faith and life and how to manage them all. On that blog you will see a tab called About This Blog. This is what it says:

These are a collection of my thoughts on faith…on life…on being enough.

It seems others have so much more of something.
More understanding.
More patience.
More direction.
More motivation.

I have found that in my life’s journey – in my walk with Christ – I often times only have faith enough.

Faith enough to believe there is something more than This.
Faith enough to try to find the purpose in my existence.
Faith enough to keep searching, even when it doesn’t make sense.

I have read many devotional books in my faith walk. Well,… I have started many devotional books. But it seems somewhere along the way, I lose interest when the authenticity of the author comes into question in my mind. When the writer feels they need to say a certain thing…or many times, NOT say a certain thing. I haven’t been able to figure out faith in that context. Too often it has left me feeling like I wasn’t doing something right. That I wasn’t deep enough or spiritual enough. Or strong enough.

So everyday I wake up and try to embrace the fact that today – and just today – all I need, is faith enough.

If you struggle with the intangibles of faith, I welcome you to my motley crew of thoughts and would love nothing more than to engage in conversation with you. I am right there with you, trying to figure it all out.

Trying to seek guidance when confusion seems to abound.
Trying to find solace in a world of competing sounds.
Trying to understand how Faith intersects with Justice.
Trying to embrace humanity as One and not as different categories.

We might be headed in the same direction…
Care to walk with me for awhile?

I hope you’ll visit that site often and let me know what you think. I am very interested in your feedback!

photography – capturing our lives and documenting them on my blog | I will continue to bore you with “family vacation pictures” on the My Life As G blog. I print so few pictures nowadays. Most of my life and scrapbooking ends up in the form of blogging. Smartphones have made the uploading process a breeze and give me no excuses for not trying to capture some part of our everyday living. I love that I have been able to share my family and friends with each one of you. One of my favorite things to happen was at a surprise birthday party for Scott one year. Our friends gathered together before we arrived and hid upstairs while they waited on our arrival. One of my friends said to one of Scott’s friends, “Hey. I feel like I already know you from Greta’s blog.” – LOVE THAT! Recently a friend came over to our house for the first time. After coming in she said to me, “I knew which house was yours because I recognized your front porch from your blog.” – Ah!…such love for that. It makes me feel like even though we live far apart…or don’t have the opportunity to get together often…or maybe have never even met in person – that we can share life through the avenue of blogging.

thrift store shopping – repurposing things with a whole new ‘life’ and creating stuff | I will continue to post things on my Facebook Page about new objects that have been posted to my rediscovered.design website.

reading design blogs and magazines that feature many of the previously mentioned 4 items in my list – and then sharing those things with you | I’m moving these items (which were previously on the My Life As G blog) to my Facebook Page by adding them to photo albums on the Page. There is just so much good stuff out there that people are doing…I want to share those things with you as well.

So….to recap:

Faith Enough blog – “serious” writings, if you will
My Life As G blog – our online family/friend photo album
Facebook Page (My Life As G) – random pictures and thoughts and quotes and mostly, the place where notifications for these three areas will be placed

I will be doing a giveaway in September on my Facebook Page, so make sure you Like it to get all the details (as that will also be your entry ticket!)
More to come on that…

I love you guys. I love your perspective and love the fact that I feel like we’re friends – no matter the distance or circumstance.

Enjoy your Wednesday! Weekend is around the corner!!!


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