The Plaza? Oh sure; that’s in our neighborhood…

As most of the world rushed to work this morning, down Ward Parkway, Scott and I enjoyed a nice walk to Latte Land. It’s the first time we’ve walked to The Plaza from our house and it ended up being a pretty good trip. As some of you know, through my heart episodes last year, it was also found out I had the same blockage in my leg calf. Supposedly, the body will force new blood flow in your legs easier than they do around the heart. So every time I walk long distances, my leg cramps and burns and my foot gets numb (lovely depiction, right?) but hopefully, it is also firing off new vein pathways around that leg blockage. In doing so, I can avoid stent surgery in my leg.

So this walk was a good one for the New Vein Pathway Finding exercise.

Scott and I love how easily we can get to the parts of KC we truly adore: The Plaza, Westport, Brookside, City Market, etc. It is definitely our favorite thing about where we live.

We purchased our coffee, chai tea, and…a sinfully delicious wedding cake cookie…and enjoyed some early Plaza people-watching. Business meetings, retail workers getting cash register money for the day, Anthropologie¬†window display experts checking their new floorsets, restaurant delivery trucks, students on their way to classes – and a few bums like us thrown in for good measure.

The streets were filled with cars going to important places to do important things.

But today, we preferred the sidewalk filled with beautiful tree bark and fat, round walnuts and butterflies that were just as busily collecting their food supply for the day as those drivers on Ward Parkway.


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