working on Baird’s guitar

Baird recently ordered another electric guitar so that he could “play around with it” and learn how to work with other guitars in his future.

After texting Scott (“Hey!, new guitar is in. Any free time in your future?“), he brought everything over one day last week so that he and Scott could work on it in the morning before Baird’s class at 12:30pm.


It became an all-day affair.
Classes were skipped…
Meals were skipped…
Trips to music stores were made…
Tries and retries were attempted.

And in the end, they finally got it done before Baird’s 5:30pm class!

I am always thankful when Baird turns to Scott for help, knowing Scott is willing and capable. I love that bond.

Not until I was editing the pictures did I see the scar on Baird’s hand…and the scar on Scott’s hand.

Those scars tell important stories for each of them.
But they certainly are not on hands that are afraid to dive right in and learn something new again.
Which makes them two men I both love, and have a tremendous amount of respect for.

Ryann came over after work and crashed on the couch for awhile.
While watching Scott and Baird later, I think she had the same sense of confidence as I did with the whole project – !

But they got it done. (And have a little more to do.)

Two men.
That I love.
Working on things that they love.

Makes for a VERY good day indeed.


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