Don’t judge us!

We have had a VERY hot summer here in the Midwest.

But the weather has been so incredibly perfect these past few days.
And we have only lived in our new place two months…
And there’s this fireplace…
And the morning is breeze has been so wonderfully cool…

With doors wide open.
We did it.
We were the ones with oak smoke pouring out of our chimney this morning.

September 6.
First fire in the fireplace this season.

I know. Dorks.
Don’t judge us!


2 thoughts on “Don’t judge us!

  1. I saw your post on FB and thought I would check it out…

    No judging here. If we had a fireplace, we would have done the same thing. The weather is too perfect to not have a cozy fire going.

    By the way, I loved looking through the pictures you posted of your new home. It’s just beautiful, so warm and peaceful.

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