screened inspiration

My childhood home always had a screened-in porch on the side of the house. It was the perfect place to sit and…think. It was also the place that I sat with boys who came over to visit. A really great place to sit and…kiss! (insert embarrassed smirk)

So when my parents decided to glass the screened porch in, I jumped at the chance to rescue the old screened porch door. It came with many memories and the additional resonance of that classic sound of a not-quite-heavy-enough-to-close-the-first-time repetition of a slamming screened door.

I have moved the door around from house to house that I’ve lived in since they gave it to me. It has always graced some room as an added feature and often conjured conversations from guests of “You know, I had one of these growing up…”

In our current house, however, I wasn’t quite sure where to put it. It has been “on probation” (how I refer to items that I have placed somewhere but am not fully committed to them being there permanently until I live with it awhile.)

I recently saw the picture below and loved the idea of making inspiration boards from old frames.

I am constantly ripping pictures out of magazines or saving color combinations I particularly like, and love the idea of having those things up where I can see them. It is always inspiring to me to have things out where I can refer to them at a glance. But a bulletin board doesn’t inspire me much. I’ve done inspiration boards on my refrigerator before…any kind of surface that is unusual and different. Old frames seemed to be the perfect combination of finding thrifted frames and repurposing them for some soul-stirring happiness.

But can I just tell you, finding frames has been a little more difficult than I thought it would be. At one point it seemed I had tons of extra frames laying around. But now, every time I looked at frames at a thrift store, they wanted $25 for a picture/frame combo. (an UGLY picture, I might add!) So I’ve patiently waited for the right ones to come about.

And that’s when it hit me. (Scott will attest to my giddy excited “What if’s” I was tossing at him at bullet speed.)

After visiting some hardware stores and craft stores, we headed home with 3 sheets of extra thick foam board and a sheet of bulletin board covering.

Scott cut the foam board to fit into the upper slots of the screen door. Then apoxy glued the bulletin board finish to the tops of the foam boards, let them set, then trimmed the bulletin board to size…

He then screwed the screen door onto the wall.

For some sentimental reason, I didn’t want to cut out the screening in the two slats so we left them in (they don’t hamper the final product) and fitted the foam board/bulletin board inserts behind the screen.

I love the final product! Two large areas that I can use for ideas and pictures that just make me smile. It is an ever-changing piece of art.

What do you think?!


3 thoughts on “screened inspiration

  1. I really like new bulltin board thats a great idea. You and Scott has very great creative ideas and turns out PERFECT!!!!
    I wish I was that creative
    I do like reading you blog
    Thanks for sharing

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