pom pom madness!

I fell in love with these types of pom poms a bit ago. Hannah’s 20th birthday was finally an excuse to buy some and try them out.

I ordered the kit from an Etsy store – great service and easy directions.

But I’ve gotta tell you, they are not for the faint of heart! Someone with low patience levels and someone who is easily frustrated should not be working on these…oh wait!, THAT’S ME!

But it was for Hannah, right?
I kept working diligently at them because I loved the look of them and was too curious to find out what the end product would be! (Honesty and authenticity here, folks!)

They come in pre-cut strips (think white paper garlands at Christmas). Each strip is tightly fastened in the middle with a metal band.

You seperate out each thin tissue section and work it open toward the middle.
(And you accidentally rip the edges and may or may not utter obscene words, not suitable for birthday entertainment. Hypothetically.)

I started one week before the party and was SO glad I did! They take a while to fold out. There is an odd mixture of needing to pull the sections tightly, but also remembering you’re working with tissue paper. It reminded me a lot of how I play tennis (as if the oncoming tennis ball were a softball needing to be hit out of the park!)

In the end, I was thrilled with them! They were the perfect bit of SPLASH for her party.

(And yes, as a matter of fact that party WAS two weeks ago and they ARE still hanging! Maybe just one more week……)

I would highly recommend the online store I purchased them from – but am just giving you the heads up that they take awhile to assemble.

Need a lesson in patience?
These puppies are your ticket!


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