Dad’s Birthday

The Family celebrated Dad’s birthday this past Sunday. It was another relaxing afternoon filled with much talking and even more laughing.

(a book lover…history buff…coffee connesieur…Oklahoma-born birthday boy.)

(and fried okra lover)

Joyce gave Dad a bag full of goodies, but by far the gift hit of the day was a picture she gave him…


On a recent trip to a tourist town in Missouri they found a whole wall of these old pictures in a gift store. Sweet old picture, right?

Except when you turn the picture at an angle (or walk away from the picture), you see a completely different picture…

It was SICK! I could hardly look at it. And the name? So scary… “Ruthie”.

Scott made Dad a FABULOUS carrot cake from scratch. (achem…I frosted the cake – does that count for participation?) It was so incredibly good (recipe is his mother’s famous carrot cake.)

Another good day of just hanging out…

(I really need to drag my tripod out so that we can all be in one picture…)

Fun day!


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