I believe this to my core.

I don’t like fashion for the desire to purchase it…

I don’t necessarily even like food for the desire to try to cook it…

I pay attention to my handwriting when I make daily To Do lists (and am embarrassed by the amount of times I have thrown away a piece of paper because I messed up on my writing or,…more frequently…wanted to use a different pen.)…

I often enjoy the engagement of conversation simply for the challenge of mental growth that I experience when batting around ideas with someone else, regardless of the subject…

I collect ideas.

I’m not even sure I have ever really understood why. In fact, many times, it has made me feel a bit guilty for collecting and not doing. Places like Pinterest, or the many internet blogs that I read each morning, or the piles of magazines that I enjoy flipping through…are all because I absolutely love the Art of it all.

{ Art Porn, perhaps. }

I was recently asked what it was that I liked. I couldn’t come up with anything but to say, “I enjoy design.” It seemed too vague when I wrote it and I was pretty certain she wouldn’t fully understand what I meant. Nor do I really think I completely understood it when I was grappling for an answer.

And then I saw this sign and somewhere down deep inside, my soul said, “Yes. That’s it. THAT is the reason why I gravitate to the things I do.”

There is art in all of it.


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