again, i am a terrible, horrible person.

Scott just woke up in Nebraska. As usual, he called and we chatted about his trip out there on the train.

“How was your run?”

9 times out of 10 his answer is usually, “It was good. The engineer was a really nice guy.”

But this time he said, “It was okay.”

So I pressed.

“Well”, Scott explained, “the engineer said to me in the first 5 minutes, ‘Have you heard about me?'”

Oh wow. My immediate response was,

Scott went on to explain that the guy invented the ‘Test Your Fire Alarm Once a Month’ concept. And putting the stickers on your calendar on the first Tuesday of the month thing.

And then, he handed Scott the papers verifying this.

“HE HAD THE PAPERS ON HIM?!”, I screamed into the phone.

He has received various accommodations from a couple of U.S. Presidents, won awards, newspaper clippings…the whole 9 yards.

Scott said it had clearly been folded and unfolded many times. Probably the same scenario with every new person he meets. “The picture of him was REALLY old. He had black hair back then…”

[insert me laughing hysterically]
This was just too funny.

I mean, great on the idea invention and all. I’m sure it was a very big deal back when smoke alarms were first created.
He’s a volunteer fire fighter with the Marysville, Kansas fire department.


As Scott was wrapping up his story of Mr. Firealarm-I-was-a-big-deal-30-years-ago, Scott finished the story by saying,

“Oh yeah. AND, he’s a smoker.”

That therapeutic laugh you should have every day to raise endorphins and such?


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