Today’s Walk…

[Note: I didn’t even get these pictures posted before receiving the “Hey…where’s my report” text from said friend.
Accountability is rough!] (smiley face)


Our best friend’s house.
Not really, but one day we saw the man standing outside on the sidewalk, with the couple’s dog. The woman got out of her car, carrying dry cleaning and clearly dressed in work attire. They were both smiling and the dog was going crazy now that she was home. They were talking and then walking together back toward the house.

Therefore, I love them. And need to be best friends with them because he was sweet to greet her after work by walking outside to meet her and they were obviously very much enjoying each other. Their house is 3 doors down from ours.

No,… I haven’t officially met them. But I am sure I would love them. Cause they’re just cute that way! (and have a suh-weet yellow front door!!)


My arch nemesis!!
Ugh. My poor little clogged artery calves HATE this incline SO.MUCH!
Once I turned the corner at the top, my right calf gave me a STERN talking to. But after some babying, we worked through it and kept on our morning route.
But dang, I hate that little hill.




This lifetime familiar bridge makes me kind of laugh inside now.
If you are from KC, you probably recognize it as the Ward Parkway bridge that cuts across Brush Creek. Driving over it one day on the way home, Scott said, “Why did they feel it was necessary to put so MANY of those pillars so close together?!” And once I looked at it, I had to laugh. He was right. There are a million of those things! So now, it just makes me smile…




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