Can’t wait!

I don’t watch much tv.
I don’t say that out of any sense of superiority…I am a Netflix whore and it is embarassing how much I love watching Bravo TV online. So believe me, it’s only lack of planning ahead that makes me say, “I don’t watch much tv.”

But I did love watching the premiere of the new ABC tv series, Pan Am, last Sunday night. And I’m very excited to settle down tonight with my favorite flannel blanket and see the next installment of the series.

I tried to watch Mad Men (via Netflix), but I couldn’t handle the plot line for women in the 60’s. I know that’s the way it was (aka: one secretary says to the new secretary, “If you wear short skirts, you’ll get more attention. He really loves short skirs.”) – but I found myself seething inside from the rising frustration of female subjugation.

Again, I’m not trying to go all superior-women’s-rights on you, (remember…I watch Real Housewives of New Jersey…) but it was just too much. Maybe too real.

Oh but I love vintage fashion from the 60’s/70’s. That’s what I wanted to enjoy on Mad Men. So Pan Am is my second chance to “live” during a time period when I was, in reality, in ponytails and playing with dolls. The women play a much stronger role in Pan Am, with a strong flair for independence and mystery.

It’s on at 9pm here in the Central time zone.

Have you been watching it?
What did you think about it??

Meet you in the skies!


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