happily ever after.

Dad and Joyce surprised us all last week and announced they were getting married on Saturday…just a few days away! The day was spectacular…bright sun in the sky (good for outdoor weddings, bad for the photographers!) In a matter of just a few days, they were able to pull off their sweet, little wedding.

The backyard looked beautiful. Like it had been preparing for the special day.

Scott talking with Joyce’s son, Bill…

The best man…

Sterling had a few private words with them before the ceremony started…

Watching Dad and Joyce make their ‘entrance’…

Dad and Joyce made a loop around the shed and reappeared on the other side as if walking down a grand aisle. Sterling, Best Man, walked right along with them!

My cousin, Steve McCormick, is a theology professor at Nazarene Theological Seminary, in Kansas City. He was the perfect choice for officiating the ceremony.

Joyce’s son, Bill. Her daughter lives in Washington and was sad she couldn’t make the unexpected trip to KC. But a lot of people were in her shoes on short notice!

Everyone received a pumpkin as a parting gift…

Joyce’s ring – Right before Dad went to Africa in March, Joyce was grocery shopping and found this mangled ring in the parking lot. She rescued it and gave it to Dad to take with him to Africa to remember her by. He kept it with him the whole time. They have ordered a “real” wedding ring, but in the meantime, when it was time to exchange rings, Dad surprised her with the old mangled ring she had found months before. So until the other one arrives, she has this sentimental one…

After the ceremony, we had a nice lunch out on the screened-in porch and around the backyard…

Ciera came over from across the street and helped us throw confetti…

The Loyce – a name Anna-Margaret originally coined for ‘Loy and Joyce’. We all use it now to refer to them. If it’s good enough for Brangelina and Bennifer, it’s good enough for the Loyce!

Ciera (Mom’s a photographer) tried to get Sterling to “Sit!” in front of Dad and Joyce for a picture…

And then, to make it all official…

After everyone left, The Loyce, and Scott and I went over to Anna-Margaret’s house to eat, review the day and watch the movie, ‘Bridesmaids’. A perfect ending to the day.

A beautiful day
for a beautiful couple.

We couldn’t be happier for them!


3 thoughts on “happily ever after.

  1. Oh Greta I enjoyed this post so much! Great pictures! I love “Loyce”! How fun! The picture of Sterling talking to them before the ceremony could win a prize. :). I liked hearing the ring story. I wish them the BEST!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing through your lens! I wish I could have made it over to experience the beauty of it all myself, but somehow I don’t feel as left out with your story-telling and photo abilities.

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