have you lost your gourd?

My mother-in-law has been collecting gourds for years, carefully saving them…drying them…cleaning the outside…and then painting them or making really great carved plant holders out of them. There is a large pen out in their barn where they are stored.

She told me to pick some up to use for decorations this year, so I took her up on it immediately! I’ve had a few outside on the front porch, gracing our entrance (and fighting off certain doom from the crazy neighborhood squirrels!)

The mums, pumpkins and hedge apples have met their death, but the gourds were rescued for a bit more repurposing.

Being a big fan of the currently popular Chevron print, I thought I’d try some paint and shellac on one of them.

The neck of the gourd is begging for some raffia, I think…

On one of our hikes through “the woods” this past weekend, I found this beautiful hawk’s feather stuck in the brushes of hibernating trees. I’m sure one of you bird lovers could identify it easily enough for me.

It’s hard to let go of Fall decorations. They are certainly my favorite items with which to dress the house.

When are you putting up Christmas decorations? Are you a day-after-Thanksgiving person? Or do you wait just a bit longer?


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