Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving at Anna-Margaret’s house. We failed to do group pictures this year…too much activity going on for us to get organized enough. So instead, I ended up with some random pictures from the day.

Love the displays of Jacqueline and Lauren’s artwork over the years!

What’s Thanksgiving without a little football, right?!

Not everyone was having a good day… (poor Mocha!)

Their new pink accent wall. So pretty!

The table was so beautifully set. Except Craig kept sneaking in Papa Smurf…

A ridiculous amount of food all around the countertops…

Crazy as it is, Mocha will not cross this little plank of wood. Craig dropped it really loud one day and scared Mocha TO DEATH! So now, she won’t come near it. So that’s how they contain her in one part of the house. (We are ALL guilty of that, no? The silliest, smallest thing scared us at one point and now we won’t dare to cross it again.)

Craig, Anna-Margaret, Lauren and Jacqueline.


Only part of us. Baird and Ryann were in Oklahoma with Ryann’s family this year.  We missed them!!

Lauren made delicious chocolate-covered strawberries. YUMMY!!

Patriarchal duty!

Craig’s true love…

Remember the competitive after Thanksgiving dinner football game on Friends? Yeah. That would be us…playing Pictionary.

We were very happy to have Joyce with us this year!!!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL day yesterday and were loved on especially much!


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