feeling honored, humbled, challenged and excited

I have been asked to be a part of a team of women next year as a board member of the YWCA of Greater Kansas City. I have been weighing the possibilities for a while now (mostly surrounding my ability to contribute in an effective way.) This week I met with current board members, the 2012 board chair as well as the Executive Director for the YWCA and listened to their stories and involvement in the YW programs. After talking it over further with Scott, I called the 2012 Board Chair yesterday and accepted the position. Volunteering in this manner allows me to bring to the table some of my own acquired skills and throw them like dice into the collective hat of intelligent, creative and motivated women who bring to the table different experiences and a wide variety of gifts. I feel very confident in the direction the organization is headed in the future.

YWCA programs in Kansas City are targeted to accomplish two things:
1) Eliminate racism and
2) Empower women.

Two missions that I can enthusiastically throw my energies behind.

I am excited for the upcoming year and I am thrilled to share the YWCA success stories with you along the way.

Here is a clip from one of the YWCA programs called YWomenCAN. An innovative approach to finding jobs in this challenging economy – jobs that allow women to earn a liveable wage and increases their work experiences for the future through non-traditional employment…


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