annual tradition

I am a s.u.c.k.e.r for traditions. Love them!! One of our traditions as a couple is our 1st Snow Box. Each year we fill it with gourmet popcorn (Scott is a PRO air popcorn maker!), a Hershey’s bar for something sweet and the movie, ‘White Christmas’. We don’t watch the movie (tv or otherwise) until the day of the first snowfall.

It’s always a gamble as to whether or not we will be in the same state on the first snowfall we both see. I’m not altogether convinced that Scott doesn’t just lie to me sometimes and say he hasn’t seen any snow yet. Since he travels significantly more north than KC, I always doubt his claim.

As we woke up yesterday morning to snow on the ground, we knew we had to get to our tradition PRONTO since Scott was leaving in the afternoon for work. So immediately after breakfast, we settled in to enjoy one of our favorite holiday movies.

(It’s so hard not to quote the movie the whole time!!) -ha.
Some of my favorites (generally quoted all year long)…

Rarely does someone ever mention the word ‘snow’ without me breaking into 4-part harmony…


Need to find one of these for Scott…

We weren’t the only ones to enjoy it this year!!

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