Christmas’sing around the house

This is definitely my favorite Christmas tree this year! I bought a box of vintage ornaments this past year (but can’t remember where! flea market? yard sale? thrift store?) I remember the salesperson saying, “I have no idea what’s in this bag, but you can have it all for $2.” The ornaments on top were cheery and happy and inviting me to give them a new home. The tree limbs we salvaged from a burn pile at my in-law’s house. They tore out a grove of trees and had tons of limbs to get rid of. I sorted through the piles and found the ones that met my very misunderstood criteria (all limbs are exactly alike, right? Wrong!) So in the corner of our dining room, stands a funny little make-shift tree of reclaimed goodness!

Some of the ornaments in the bag were broken…but of course I couldn’t stand throwing them away! So they ended up strategically placed in an empty candy dish

One of my favorite holiday items every year…a pottery house, made by Hannah MANY, MANY years ago when she was in elementary school. Complete with a reindeer on top!

I hope you are feeling the holiday cheer in your everyday surroundings these days…


3 thoughts on “Christmas’sing around the house

  1. I love the way you decorate everything looks
    So beautiful and simpe. I need to change out
    my colors and stuff but hubby says no (he still like the red, gold green) he hates changes… Lol
    I enjoy seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have alwaysss loved looking at your pictures! Almost as much as I love looking at your handwriting 😉 I totally LOVE this tree! I got a bunch of vintage bulbs like that a couple years ago and made a wreath out of them. I saw they were selling for $100+ on Ebay and thought “I can do that” =)

    • (tell if this works, Tammy…!)

      I bought the ornaments originally to do a wreath. Are they difficult to ‘line up’? Seems like it must be a bit more difficult than one would expect. But I LOVE them!

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