Part Two, Jacqueline Love

A few more pics for Jacqueline and co. to enjoy…

It was fun (bizarre, crazy) to be back at Chisholm Trail Jr High. Baird went to CST almost…achem, 8 years ago! To see the hyper jr high boys standing in the stands cheering and egging each other on, it was hard to not see Daniel Opperman, Larry Ditton, and Baird. Afterwards, walking the halls and remembering the high stress of that first day of 7th grade and the uber-confident pics with giggling girls at 9th grade graduation. A lifetime happens in junior high! And an even crazier happenstance, CST played Frontier Trails Jr High – Hannah’s alma mater!

After the game, Jacqueline excitedly asked, “Do you want to see my locker?!?!” (love her enthusiasm!) so we walked the halls and I thought of the many parent-teacher conferences and Back to School nights. Then I oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over Jacq’s adorable notebooks (hope she doesn’t notice them missing today!!)

Fun night.
Proud Auntie.
Way too much talking in the stands with my sister.
Fabulous husband who took tons of pics – as proud as I was.
(sidenote: Scott was a swimmer in high school. Within minutes of walking in the building he smelled out the pool. Then his voice and eyes rolled when he said, “I can’t believe a jr high would have a pool in their own building!” -ha! Oh Johnson County… Even in high school Scott’s swim team walked to the nearby YMCA for their practices.)

I’m very glad to have a niece who isn’t consumed by sports, but plays them fiercely AND is just as proud of her Justin Bieber-Vera Bradley locker.

YAY YOU, Jacqueline!!

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