Christmas books

I loved this feature. Christmas books you simply must have.

I absolutely love the rhythmic flow of the classic, Twas the Night Before Christmas. It is so much fun to read out loud.

I might also add two of my own favorites:

Auntie Claus (perhaps because I’m an ‘Auntie’ too?) A fun twist on the story of Santa Claus…

And A Snowman Named Just Bob. Maybe you remember its popularity a few years back? A sweet story of friendship and loyalty…

If you live in the Kansas City area, please consider buying your children’s books from the very best children’s bookstore, hands down – Reading Reptile. It is an experience to shop there. Your children – and the child inside of you – will love it!! They are experts in their field – even if you walk in with an “I remember this book when I was a child that had a pig in it and it took place in a palace…” – they’ll know what you’re talking about!


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