Christmas in black & white

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas season. It seemed particularly stressful for me this year (self-induced, no doubt) but in retrospect everything worked out just as it should. Scott was called into work way earlier than either one of us anticipated so some quick re-arranging of plans had to occur. We weren’t able to see his grandmother, but will visit her in the next few days. Other than that, I think all family was seen and accounted for.

I didn’t take many pictures this year. That was kind of purposeful. After all our scratching of plans and redoing schedules, it seemed nice to just relax into the moments and not be quick to document them on film.

Craig brought over a remote-control airplane that kind of stole the show. Everyone had fun taking turns trying to fly it and land it without too much destruction to the house or the plane.

Since the NBA kicked off their season on Christmas Day, there was a bit of emotional basketball watching too!

Baird kept saying, “When can I open my mandolin?!” We kept assuring him it was a new tennis racket. Or a new frying pan…

Santas and stockings…

It is always funny to see Scott as “the short one” – rarely happens.

For months now, Anna-Margaret and the rest of us have been teasing Lauren about this U.G.L.Y. monkey that A-M found in a magazine – one of those “3 easy installments” ads. Every time we come over, A-M shows us the ad that’s on the front of the fridge and said, “Lauren wants this for Christmas” with Lauren yelling in the background, “NO I DON’T!!!!” But sure enough, Santa brought it to her!! We all made fun of this incredible ugly stuffed animal. With EPIC creepy hair whisps. And freakish eyelashes. In the ad it said, “in the quiet moments you spend with Baboo”… WEIRD!!!

Hannah painted signs for everyone

Hannah bought Baird a mandolin. It was a BIG success!!

As was this t-shirt from us. When I saw it online, I screamed!

Fiona got a stuffed animal too. She loves nuzzling it and making the squeaker make noise. She’s so funny about stuffed animals. She’s a big, tough-looking dog but loves big, soft things. When she gets tired, she fixes it just right with her paws and then lays her head down on it and goes to sleep…

I hope your days are getting back to normal again as we all gear up for a brand new year together…


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