I really, really wish I could…


Being sketchy? That I can do. But I cannot draw and, well, that’s a wee bit part of being a sketch artist, don’t you think? I absolutely love (perhaps my favorite form?) the look of a black and white sketched piece of art.

Have you seen these sketch kits? I think I paid $4 for it. It’s totally cheating. TOTALLY! But it at least gives me a sense of what it must be like to put pencils to paper and with inexact lines, make a masterpiece.

I forgot to take a Before picture. But if you can tell on the left side, they give you a rough outline of your picture. Then you fill in the details and shading (which I have done on the right…I stopped to take a picture midway)

Who knows, maybe in my cheating, I will learn something about pencils and shading while begging the forgiveness of true artists in the world…


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