{ unscripted }

Have you ever swept off a sidewalk and driveway after a freshly mowed lawn? Broom sweeping or thumb-in-the-hose spraying off the discarded cut grass is one of my favorite activities. I take a long time doing it, making sure each blade of grass is removed from the walkways. As I’m spraying it is easy to get lost in thought. To solve the world’s problems. To think and absorb a bit of time that is cocooned within the confines of this simple activity of clearing off the pavement in front of me.

It’s a methodical process. Back and forth, line by line, catching the stray pieces that escape the first swipe.

And then, as if suddenly popped back into reality, you are at the end of the driveway. All the grass has been pushed aside and your thoughts are immediately brought back to the task at hand.

Dropping the hose or lowering the broom, you turn back around to examine your work. The smell of freshly mowed grass aids in your sense of overall accomplishment as you smile at the clean sidewalks and clear driveways. They have been readied for activity. For family members to walk freely. For cars to come and go without clumps of the green stuff sticking to their exteriors.

I feel this same sense of finished-ness at the end of each year. Suddenly snapped out of day-to-day life, I find myself standing at the end of the driveway, the end of another year. I see a few unfinished tasks, but as a whole, I am pleased at the year that lies behind me. I feel ready and excited for the cluster of experiences and events and people that the new year will hold.

What do you see behind you in 2011? What do you anticipate in 2012? It’s natural to have a sense of uneasiness as we face another year. Knowing that we are not alone in this journey eases some of the trepidation. Knowing we have a God who buoys us faithfully, even more security is felt.

Scott and I wish you a year of growth, both personally and with others. In an age of online communities, we wish you more face-to-face conversations. May you truly laugh. Out loud. With your friends and family. Spending easy times with your children and moments of simple joy with your spouse. Your friendships to us are spoken of often and felt very deeply in our hearts. The older we get, the more significant authentic friendships become. Make a covenant with yourself to be purposeful about relationships this year. Develop old ones and discover new ones. Then at the end of 2012, as you stand at the bottom of your driveway, take special notice of those who are standing with you and love them deeper still.

Happy 2012! Thank you for experiencing 2011 with us. We can’t wait to spend moments of the new year with you as well.

Live an unscripted life in 2012. Not too planned. Not too regimented. Be open to improvisation along the way. It is in those detours that we find our most profound moments of joy.

Much love –


2 thoughts on “{ unscripted }

  1. Greta…. I LOVE this post! 2011 has brought me the most wonderful UN-expected things… finding true love and happiness in the most unusual fashion with a very familiar face! 🙂 Children that have grown taking on adult responsibilities making me proud of them every day. Challenges of job’s, up-rooting and moving from my safety zone area, health issues that make you “pause and ponder” and creating a life 98.9% different than 2010. Today, I stand at the end of my 2011 driveway today and look back – thinking… wow, no more gravel with the jarring bumps and shakes, no uneven dips or pot holes, no large boulder rocks or the possibility of the slightest pebbles being able to slip away to create chaos or unwanted paths — instead, I see my masterfully poured concrete squares, where each problem was smoothed out – and made easier each month of 2011 through the love and support of a great man and God’s helping hand, now it’s a sturdy, slick and steady path filled with sparkles and shine… waiting for me to take that confident step onto the solid ground and return back to the front door that opens; revealing my heart, my world and my future filled with love, peace and unbelievable happiness in 2012 and beyond! May great things happen to and for you and Scott in 2012 — and may we FINALLY find a few minutes to share face to face laughs, drinks and good times for more outstanding memories!

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