Setting myself up for failure?


I’m trying to create a specific ‘reading area’ in our home but wondering if just like my previous ‘office area’, ‘scrapbook area’, ‘art room area’, etc areas in the past, if I will continue to always gravitate to the couch???Anyone else end up bringing everything to the couch?

Ugh, trying one more time to DEcentralize…


4 thoughts on “Setting myself up for failure?

  1. but it’s so cute, but doesn’t look “comfy”. (you have a beautiful home).. you need one of those Hollywood loungers there..with stuffed pillows… and I’m with Scott a fire! 🙂

  2. You know my librarian eye went right to the book pile 🙂 And Ladies of the Club?! One of my all time favorites, but I never knew anyone else who has read it. BTW, I just love the way this space looks as it is.

  3. Shelli…I haven’t actually *read* And Ladies of the Club. But I hope to tackle it this year!

    Linda…I am on a mad search for the *perfect* footstool. I’m convinced that will be the ultimate answer!

    Scott…get home and get it fixed! The final touch. 🙂

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