Cake Boss Wannabee

I bought this cookbook for Hannah for Christmas – then bought another one for me!

I saw Valastro interviewed – the clincher for me was the concept. He writes the cookbook as if the reader was just hired by his bakery. Before doing “this”, you need to learn to do “this”. He takes the reader through the processes that build upon each other.

Another plus: the photos. I have been a long-time fan of Williams-Sonoma cookbooks because of their fabulous photos. But in this book, Valastro states that most cookbooks have that one, big TA-DA picture (the final product.) But Valastro also includes step-by-step process pictures to show what he’s describing in the recipe.

Also nice explanations on icing techniques and basic baking skills.

I highly recommend this to those interested in stretching their baking abilities.


One thought on “Cake Boss Wannabee

  1. Thanks for the info on this book! I agree that photos are a HUGE advantage especially in cookbooks! And being a pastry chef, I am always looking for helpful hints and tips-

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