a simple day.

Woke up at 2am.
Couldn’t get back to sleep.

Got up and worked awhile.

Scott got home from work at 5am.

Slept until 10am.

Late for a coffee run, although we tried. It was filled with the lunch crowd.
So we left.

Beer Kitchen for lunch.

Haven’t eaten there yet that it hasn’t been delicious. An avocado, tomato, cheese sandwich. YUM!!

It was a breath-taking day in KC. Sunny. In the 60’s.
I hope we don’t pay for it dearly later on in the winter.

Home to get some work done.

We count it as a HUGE blessing having two children who are baristas! Ryann and Baird keep us well-stocked with coffee beans. So much so that I snagged one of the older vacuum-sealed bags for some nice fragrance around the house.

Spare coffee cups filled with coffee beans with a tealight inserted. The fragrance (heat against the coffee beans) was HEAVENLY!

Quick run to the post office and then to a local thrift store.

I didn’t buy it, but liked this framed print…

Bought a killer jacket. But that’s a different post. $2.98. LOVE!


Mega salad for dinner.



Grateful beyond words.


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