The Before/After Picture

Every weight loss company in existence is boasting the Before/After picture in magazines and tv ads right now. January’s like that.

“With only these 3 steps I went from This to That.” The hold-out-your-pants shot of men and women who clearly not only lost weight but have done some serious ab work at their local gym.

So in keeping with the spirit of the Before/After picture, here’s my version…

Disclaimer: I am not a Pampered Chef salesperson, nor have I ever been. Furthermore, this is not Pampered Chef. But I AM a big fan of cooking with stoneware. Maybe it’s because I am just used to it, but it seems to cook more evenly. I use this for cookies all the time. I recently read that a cookie sheet should not have a lip because it prevents the flow of air. Makes sense. But this one seems to work fine. The only problem was that I have only had one of them. So in between batches, I would have to cool down the stoneware (not a quick process.)

I bought the used one pictured above at “A Very Secret Place” two years ago – fell madly in love with it and have been watching for it to come back to aforementioned “Secret Place”. I was recently there and was delighted to see that they had a big stock of them. So I bought two more: $5 each!

(Go Dirty Dons!)

I love how stoneware seasons and makes me feel like I am actually a cook.

Yeah; maybe that’s what I like most about it.
It boosts my amateur-cooking confidence.

And with its heavier weight, maybe I could lift many batches of cookies in and out of the oven this year and have a different Before/After picture by 2012.

You’re right.
Probably not.


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