still the same.

It is a huge source of encouragement to me when I run across someone I knew in high school and discover they are the same genuine person they were back then.

Such was the case with Kristi.

Kristi and I have communicated for a couple of years now, back and forth from Wichita to Kansas City, through various forms of communication. I was thrilled when she contacted us and said she was going to be in town for the weekend and wondered if we were free for breakfast. It was good to catch up on conversations already started online.

I remember Kristi as someone who had a ready kindness. It was instinctive and a natural reaction. She is still the same person. What a gift.

A beautifully wrapped gift awaited us as we walked into the restaurant. A wedding gift! I hate that I didn’t take a picture of the professionally presentation – it was difficult for me to want to undo the beautiful ribbons!

I loved the contents inside though, too. Scott and I will use them often during one of our favorite times of the day – sharing coffee/tea together in the mornings.

Thank you, Kristi.
For the invitation to breakfast…
For the thoughtful gift…
For being the same sweet Kristi we fondly remember.

So thankful for continued friendship –


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