a week’s worth of blogging in one post…

I’m not sure where this week went, but it flew by quickly!

Why can’t some decisions be purely happy with no heavy moments attached? Seems harder and harder to find those little moments the older we get. Example: buying a car. We have been researching (and by we, of course, I mean Scott) various different car options. Transportation is a BIG concern of ours since Scott travels 3 hours to and from work and needs something reliable AND gas efficient. Our first look was at a Prius, but there were some similar (but cheaper) alternatives with Kia. Add to that the fact that Scott really wanted a stick (both of us have had too many transmission nightmares over our lifetimes) so the Kia Soul seemed to fit our needs nicely. When the saleperson (Thomson Omboga, T.O., for you Mizzou fans and Minnesota Vikings fans) referred to the 100,000 mile warranty and that we’d have about 8 years on that. Scott laughed a bit and said, “I put 3,500 miles on a car every year – that will last about 3 years for us!”

A little over a year ago I talked Dad into a Kia Soul (the cute hamster green) so now we have a Soul Mate (yes, I might have purchased the car simply for the Scrapbook Value of that title with a picture of the two Souls side by side…stay tuned!)

Our color is called Moss (a bit green, a bit bronze.)

So yay!, a new car. Thankful, grateful, blessed.
But ugh!, a car payment. (My glass is always half-empty – or as I like to call it “realistically endowed”.)

BAIRD TURNED 24!! Seems so unreal.

After Baird got off work, he and Ryann came over for dinner and some nice chill time. He gave Scott a mini-lesson on Scott’s new guitar and opened a few gifts from us. Scott and I both really enjoy spending time with he and Ryann. It’s always filled with conversation – from politics to the-even-more-absurd.

Kind of a chill-out day. A bit of running around in the morning, then Scott left for work and I did what I always do after he leaves – catch up on stuff around the house – including a trip with Fiona to the car wash (which she wasn’t too sure she liked!)

I can’t believe it’s January 12th and we have only received our 2nd snowfall of the season – and the first one of any significance. And even so, it wasn’t much at all! But with all the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, the temps feel even colder than the mid-teens!

Taking Fiona outside required some bundling up (although a pretty crazy attire!)

So while the winds blew outside, I decided a bit of scrapbooking was in order inside…

FRIDAY…yet to be determined!


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