How big is the platform on which you stand?

opinion letter submitted to The KC Star, in response to a letter: Tebowing vs Praying

The January 15 letter by a reverend referred to the biblical advisement to go into your closet to privately pray unlike the hypocrites who pray in public.

While I certainly cannot discern Tebow’s sincerity as he bends one knee, he is seizing his platform.

Whether it is a social media update, a blog, your everyday actions at home, a building filled with church pews, or thousands of viewers during a sporting event – we all have an audience. Our challenge is how we use that platform.

As a reverend, surely you have prayed in public. As a shepherd you have led your sheep to the feet of God. I agree that some of our spiritual practices are best carried out in private, yet we are each given opportunities in life to take a stand.

Tebow has accomplished a monumental task: thousands of people are talking about his moment of gratefulness on the field. It has now been referenced in recognizable slang as well as received hashtag status.

Perhaps instead of judging Tebow’s actions we can acknowledge that he has brought attention to a fundamental aspect of faith: prayer. God can move the hearts of those within view of Tebow’s platform.


2 thoughts on “How big is the platform on which you stand?

  1. It is sad how Christians can be the first to condemn! The public praying the scripture refers to has more to do with an attitude! We need more people to show the prayer of gratitude publicly. It draws the rest of us into gratitude!

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