Who’s your Plus One?

I don’t know that it originated with the tv series, Sex And The City, but I certainly remember the phrase, “Plus One” best as associated with Carrie Bradshaw. The term ‘plus one’ refers to a party invitation that invites you, plus one (your guest, spouse…your date.)

But to me, Plus One means something a bit different. This is a quick commercial blog entry. A temporary stepping out of the norm and asking you to do me a big favor…

Google +1.
I’m sure you’ve seen it at the bottom of many blogs and websites. It usually looks like a little box with the striped colors at the top and inside the +1 symbol. Here’s what it has to do with me:

If you are a reader of this blog (thank you, thank you, thank you) and if you happen to like a particular blog entry (so much gratitude! so much appreciation! so much love!) – would you consider clicking on that +1 symbol at the bottom of each entry? By doing that you are putting that blog entry into the Google search engine for others to find.

The more +1’s – the more exposure this blog has to the world.

And that’s a really, really good thing for me.

I’ve said it elsewhere, but it really feels like we are having a conversation over a cup of tea each day. My mind thinks in terms of “Would this be good for the blog?” surrounding just about everything I say and do. “Would this make life easier or happier or more richly felt for my blog reader?”

I love writing a blog.
I’ve done it for 10 years now.
It has connected me with people from my past and created new friendships with people I may never meet in person.

So, if you could make me one of your Plus One dates occasionally, I would be very grateful. It’s quick and easy and painless, I promise. (It’s similar to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook.) But it’s a big, BIG help for the My Life as G blog. And if you have a few hours to spare, how about reading through old blog entries and +1’ing them too? (okay…gone too far?!)

Okay, commercial over.
Back to the design and thoughts and every day photos of life as I experience it.

I love you and appreciate you so very, very much…


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