favorite picture…(of all time? maybe.)

Oh my. I am a full-fledged Instagram addict. This is probably where I should apologize for all the Instagram (gretasutherland) pictures I’ve posted to Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve mentioned PostalPix before. I really love their 4×4 prints as well as their 4×6 prints on thicker, quality paper. The only drawback is that they take a full week to deliver the prints. But that’s okay; it makes going to the mailbox all the more fun! (which I start going the day after I order them, somehow thinking there would be some fluke and I would get them the next day!)

The Instagram below is one of my favorites! It looks like it’s straight from 1975. The blurred lights. The light shadow on the floor. The white border. The darkened edges (Instagram filter).

Scott hooked me up a clothesline to hang whatever current Instagram pictures are making me happy at the moment. It will be fun to change them out often and they are a good point of discussion at the end of the dinner table.

I love the available filters. They can make a picture look like most of the pictures I remember from growing up. The below picture makes me think of a ’70’s record album. Lobo, maybe?! -ha.

Such a ridiculously simple thing that has been a really fun new toy to play with. (yay, iPhones!)


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